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The Free Payment Plan



In Australia, jewellery fashion often changes and you would like to stay up to date. I won’t assume that you know the central role jewellery play in human adornment. Generally, they make one have a beautiful look, show that one is organized, and earns people respect and stature. Some jewellery can be quite expensive especially those of the highest quality.

There are many online jewellery dealers based in Australia, but there is one that has taken into account the fact that not everyone can afford to pay at once. Whereas most payment plans attract some interest, this company offers it free of charge, take advantage of interest free payment plans. This company is called my treasure box and this post is about the company, enjoy your reading.

Our story

We at my treasure box first and foremost give priority to our customer needs. We studied what the market offered, identified the gaps, and took it to the next level. Most of our clients are recurrent because of our exceptional services and of course quality. Most of them have their stories about us, and you can have your story too to tell. We strictly deliver all our promises, so when we say that we offer interest-free payment plans, believe it.

If our story was all written, it will fill many pages because as alluded, almost everyone has their story about us, but I must mention, that we have considered all parameters for quality, durability, design, and pricing, what we offer cannot match what is generally in the market. Therefore, we only deal with fine jewellery products.

The last thing I will mention about us among many, is that we offer free shipping within Australia, can return your cash if not satisfied with the product and only accept safe payment options. Those who know our story have all become our regular customers and we like how they look. We are proud that we have helped Australian residents look great, we desire to help you too.

What we offer

Let me just highlight our major products, jewellery boxes, watch boxes, and jewellery stands. Our shop only accepts high-quality products and we don’t extort our clients with exorbitant prices. Besides, we offer personalized top-notch customer services, welcome to our page. As soon as you open our page, you will get a list of these products against price and the option of adding items to your shopping cart. This grants you an opportunity to browse different designs, shapes, colors, and compare prices to make the best choice. From where we stand, any choice you make from our list is of great quality and will serve you well.


Free payment options are seldom in the world of jewellery, you need to seize this opportunity from us. To match the standards in Australia, you need jewellery boxes, watch boxes, and jewellery stands and we are excited about helping you achieve your dream. Thank you for choosing us and we guarantee no disappointment.


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