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On Starting and Maintaining Your Musical Instrument Business


how to build your own music shopf you are into the music industry and you wish to start a musical instrument store, you’ll be needing several reminders to keep your business on track. As difficult as it seems for beginners to play the keys of a piano, handling a musical instrument shop for the first time is as hard, probably even harder, in the beginning.

Here are some of the things to consider as you open your very own store; maintenance of the store may also depend on these factors.

Knowledge in Music

First, you, as the owner, must have the essential knowledge about music and it really is not just on music in general. It is not enough that you know that The Beatles used a left-hand bass guitar or that One Direction broke up a few years ago.

Here, you must know how to actually handle the instruments. At the very least, you must deeply know what instruments are best according to the different aspects musicians consider.

Of course, if you are not that rich in knowledge when it comes to these things, hire someone who is an expert. You will really need a musical instrument expert in your store and your staff must be well-versed as well since customers will be pressing you with a lot of questions.

Logistics Management

Transporting small and large equipment from your supplier all the way to your shop is not as easy as pie. Storage and inventory may also be quite difficult to deal with later on as well. Hence, hiring the services of a company specializing on administracion del transporte or logistic management in general is really one of the best options out there.

Here, you will have to make sure that the instruments are taken care of while they are with the suppliers all the way to when they arrive to your shop. Otherwise, you might have to deal with broken strings, broken keys, and altogether, broken instruments. This would defeat the purpose of your store.

how to get license for instrument store

Costs and Expenses

Be ready for the costs and expenses that comes with opening a shop. You will have to invest on the look of the shop, the instruments you will display, the staff, the utility bills, and all other necessary things to help in the function of the shop.

There may also be extra expenses when it comes to decorating the musical store. Most stores might put up several posters and or framed pictures of bands. Some may paint the walls with musical symbols for designs. All these may be additional expenses but they are investments to attract more customers as well.

Legal Requirements

In the U.S., and probably all over the world,  you have to meet certain legal requirements when starting a musical instrument business. There are certain licensing requirements you will have to meet. Of course, you will have to secure a business permit to operate the store as well as a certificate of occupancy. Moreover, you might need to have a seller’s permit as well.

You also cannot just play music in the store without securing authorization from the composer or the license holder.


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