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Learning Keyboard vs Learning Piano: The Differences Between the Two

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Although quite similar in appearance, the piano is actually very different from the musical instrument, keyboard. Yes they have the same black and white keys and they may even have similar sounds. However, there are big and small details about these two which make them significantly distinct from one another.

What is a piano and what is a keyboard?

Basically, a piano refers to an acoustic instrument with weighted keys. The piano is actually a stringed instrument but not many know this. Just like other stringed instruments, the piano has to be maintained and tuned at least once a year.

On the other hand, the keyboard we are talking about is not a computer keyboard. The keyboard refers to a musical instrument that is electric—this means that it requires electricity for it to turn on and be played. The keys are not weighted and are much lighter compared to piano keys. Since this musical instrument is electric and not stringed, it has the same sound all throughout and it does not have to be tuned at all. Additionally, it even has the option of changing the sounds of the keys into sounds of different musical instruments such as the guitar, organ, violin and the like.

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Pros and Cons

The two musical instruments are very much closely related. When it comes to piano, here are some of its pros

  • The weighted keys of a piano will help sharpen your finger strength whereas keyboard keys do not have that effect.
  • The piano has its own unique rich sound which cannot be copied by a keyboard.
  • Compared to keyboard, pressing the wrong piano key is not so noticeable because of its vibrating effect.


  • The piano has to be tuned yearly.
  • Maintaining a piano may be expensive.
  • It does not have variety of sounds.

As for keyboards, its pros are:

  • Keyboards offer a wide variety of additional sounds into the musical picture. This is good for those who want to experiment.
  • Keyboards allow you to play with backing tracks and this may help you in practicing hitting the keys at a precise time.
  • Keyboard has its own metronome to practice tempo.


  • Because of its lighter keys, mistakes in pressing the keys of a keyboard becomes so noticeable and so, accuracy in playing will surely be practiced in playing the keyboard.
  • A keyboard sounds less rich in quality than a piano.

Do I need a piano lesson or a keyboard lesson?

Just as how you need coolers to keep your beer and other drinks cold, you also need a session wherein your piano skills are honed. A keyboard lesson, therefore, is what you need if you are into experimentation of other musical genres besides classical music. Otherwise, go for piano. Piano is good for those who want to ensure finger strength and playing classical pieces. If you are interested in learning any of the two, you can search with the keyword “keyboard lessons near me” or “piano lessons near me” in order to see local piano teachers available near you. Furthermore, in choosing a musical instrument teacher, always make sure you read feedbacks and comments from previous students to know what you should expect; you can do this by looking up the teacher online.