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professional electrical contractorsFor everything electrical in local Birmingham and nationwide, electricians at Apollo Electrical Contractors provide highly responsive service 24/7. They are known for their comprehensive electrician network and for serving any type of customers. Indeed, if a  conical fermenter makes the best beers, Apollo Electrical trains the best contractors. They do carry out work like residential, commercial or industrial electrical installation, or even repair and maintenance.

The main issue with that is where do people find these expert and professional electrical contractors? Do people find them on the classified ads or by word of mouth? But with Bidvine, there’s no need to keep guessing. Whether they should be hired on not is up to you.

Apollo Electrical Contractors prides itself as reliable when it comes to emergency calls. They quickly respond to calls that need installation, maintenance and repair with their highly-trained and experienced staff, as well as clean and courteous technicians who would give fast response. Dealing with them guarantees workmanship and clear pricing structure.

The electrical firm offers services to homeowners, landlords, offices, warehouses, hotels, tenants and restaurants. They can also do periodic inspections, telephone cabling, portable appliance testing or PAT, planned and reactive maintenance, rewiring, fire alarms and a lot more. It has built a good name for itself in the commercial and industrial scene for quality workmanship and hassle-free professional service. They want to keep their clients and form lasting relationships with them by delivering good service.

Apollo Electrical Contractors gives quick replies to inquiries, and offers cost effective solutions to client requirements. They stay with their clients from initial estimate to design, installation, certification and maintenance. While they are based in Birmingham where motorway networks can easily be accessed, the company caters both local as well as nationwide customers.

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The electrical contractor company has skilled electricians in Birmingham, West Midlands who have ample experience and expertise in electrical contracting.  Their employees are well-trained in the company’s three-year apprenticeship scheme. They meet the qualifications of the city and guild. Once qualified, they are graded through the JIB industry standard as Electricians. The management staff are likewise graded as Approved Electricians or “Technicians” through the JIB. They have years of experience and are involved in site installation.

With all the qualified personnel, it is safe to say the electrical company’s works comply with health and safety. The company can implement work schedules on time, carry out high standard work and provide cost effective solutions that suit the client requirements.

Never “Do It Yourself” electrical staff

Apollo does not suggest “Do it yourself” for anything electrical. It is just too risky. Electrical wirings are mostly hidden. If wirings are over 15 years, or worked by amateurs or never been checked, it is about time that they should be checked by professionals.

Sockets or plugs that are becoming hot, fuses blowing without reasons, adaptors running appliances, lights with twisted and old type flex, extension cables and electrical equipment outdoors are enough reasons for inviting professional electricians to check them. All homes and establishments should be electrically safe to prevent costly loss of properties.

Why choose Apollo Electrical Contractors?

Apollo Electrical Contractors is not the sole company in its field. There are many electrical firms around, but it stays competitive among its rivals as it means business when it comes to quality service. With their passion to give their customers the best service, plus well-trained and skilled personnel to do just that, the electrical firm is the answer of any customer’s electrical issues.

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