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7 Benefits of Having an Office Coffee Machine


The global pandemic forced people out of the office, but they’re slowly returning to a new normal. If you’ve been taking the time away to think about effective changes you can make to the workspace, you should invest in a coffee machine. You may think a coffee machine is overkill because you have coped with the good old kettle for so long. However, a coffee machine can save you time and boost office morale. Continue reading to find out how a coffee machine can benefit your office.

Quicker Than The Kettle

As mentioned previously, a coffee machine will save time in comparison to the traditional kettle. If you’ve got queues of people at the kettle, which can make around four cups per boil, you’re wasting time. Although a coffee machine may sound complex, you can have your refreshing cuppa at the click of a button and in less than a minute. If you need some inspiration already, these make delicious coffee for offices.

Boosts Energy

After being productive all morning, the thought of surviving for the rest of the afternoon can be unbearable. This is when coffee comes to the rescue. Having a mid-morning caffeine hit can give you the energy you need to see yourself through until 5 PM. In moderate doses, coffee containing caffeine will speed up the communication between the brain and body. This makes us feel more awake and contributes well to a balanced diet.

Promotes Productivity

Coffee is a stimulant that can help to keep your employees going throughout the day. With this boost on their side, you will find more productivity and focus. There has been significant research into the benefits of regular breaks and the impact on productivity. If you throw a coffee machine into the office staff room, you’re onto a winner.

Improves Creativity

If your team’s workload involves creativity, it pays to keep them alert. Having a coffee machine in the office can do that. The odd cup of coffee can promote innovative thinking and may help to slay the burnout stage. Powering through and keeping focus will help your team discuss more creative ideas.

Nurtures Memory

Believe it or not, the addition of caffeine to the diet has been proven linked to the improvement of memory. With a coffee machine in the office, you’re saying yes to more effective memory. This means that your team will be able to keep deadlines better and remember project outlines more effectively.

May Decrease Stress

For many years, coffee was believed by fanatics and experts alike to relieve stress. Now, that speculation has been backed up by research that has linked caffeine to reduced stress. Specifically, coffee reduces the number of adenosine receptors in the brain that are partly responsible for stress. When the going gets tough, you should invest in a coffee machine for the office.

Contributes To a Happy Environment

Adding a quality bean to cup coffee machine to the office can help generate a happy environment. There will be improved energy across the board, more confidence, and greater productivity. Allowing your staff to have regular breaks and access to a coffee machine will help improve office interaction. Unifying the office through a coffee machine opens the door to future collaborative successes.

As workers head back into the office, there will be an adjustment time. If you’ve been making alterations to the workplace and haven’t invested in a commercial coffee machine, you need to sort out your priorities. Having a coffee machine in the office will improve productivity, decrease stress, promote creativity, and save considerable time when compared to the kettle.


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