What Makes Tungsten Darts Better?


Some people believe that playing darts is only throwing little spears at a board. For them, darts is just a game to pass the time. But for dart enthusiast and professional players, this game is more than leisure.

Playing darts might seem simple, where all you see are people throwing sharp metal sticks on a board attached to a wall; however, playing the darts is actually difficult. The darts are lighter compared to an arrow used in archery. Thus, it is harder to control and manipulate its direction to successfully land on the target. You need to have the basic skills to win a dart game.

Aside from polishing basic dart skills, you have to choose the right instrument to win the game. The quality of dart can either help you win or let you lose. That is the reason why dart enthusiast are careful when choosing their piece of weapon. The key is to select a dart that matches your level and skills.

Most of the best-selling darts are made of tungsten. Professional dart players recommend tungsten darts rather than nickel, brass, and silver. But why should you choose dart made from this type of metal instead of nickel or brass?

Tungsten, the Perfect Metal for Darts

Tungsten is a type of dense metal. The dart barrel is made of this metal alloy. The percentage of tungsten in a dart varies depending on brands. Most darts are made of 80 to 90 percent of tungsten. You can also find darts with a higher percentage of this metal. When searching for a tungsten dart, it is best to choose one with high tungsten content. It is said the higher the tungsten content, the higher the durability and quality of a dart.

What makes tungsten unique is the sturdiness of this metal. It has high tear resistance and long lasting. Hence, you can use it for years in comparison to other steel darts.

You can find the best steel tip darts made from tungsten at sources like Triple Bulls Eye. Though there are tungsten darts in local stores, however, you could not always guarantee the content of this metal on a dart. Thus, it is ideal to purchase tungsten darts in most trusted sources.

The reason why some shooters are not fond of tungsten darts is the weight that comes with it. For beginners, heavy darts might feel uncomfortable. It can affect your throwing performance especially if you are used to lighter darts.

Likewise, tungsten darts require proper maintenance. You have to sharpen the tip to make it last longer. Poor maintenance will make the dart dull which leads to less success of hitting the board. Additionally, tungsten darts are more expensive. Thus, expect to spend more cash with this item compared to plastic and wooden darts.

Would you choose a tungsten dart?

It is your time to decide whether to invest a tungsten dart or not. If you need more details about the leading tungsten darts in the market, check it out here at Triple Bulls Eye.

Guitar World: Getting to know the Famous Telecaster


playing telecaster guitar

Music is truly amazing, there is no doubt in that. For some reason, singing, playing musical instruments or even just listening to songs give us thrill and excitement. It also helps us greatly in coping and expressing feelings and emotions. Because of the wonders that music brings in our lives, many people turn to invest their time and effort in learning instruments like the piano, violin and, most popularly, guitar.

In the world of guitars, there are many different types which offer a variety of qualities and functionalities. For many guitar players and guitar enthusiasts, there are guitars that position higher than the others and usually, the ranking greatly depends on the brand of the instrument. Some of the most notable brands in the guitar world include Gibson, Ibanez, Rickenbacker and the ever famous Fender.

Fender Guitars

Fender is an American company that manufactures guitars, electric violins, banjos and amplifiers as well. What brought Fender towards the limelight was their production of the famous Telecaster, also called as Tele, Esquire or Broadcaster. Although Fender was not the first to produce electric guitars, the Telecaster became very popular; much more popular than those electric guitars produced prior to it.

the best telecaster amp

Fender Telecaster

Around 1950, Fender actually mass-produced the Telecaster whose sales eventually spread like wildfire in the guitar communities. What made Fender’s Telecaster an amazing choice was its uniqueness and versatility. Contrary to the usual electric guitars whose bodies were hollow, like that of acoustic guitars, Fender’s Telecaster housed a solid wood body instead. To top it off, this feature helped in the usual guitar issues like not being able to get minimal feedback or not being able to achieve high-gain amplification.

With its simple design and amazing sound quality, the Telecaster set the charts when it came to the manufacturing of electric guitars. It definitely set the trends for some popular music. Unlike some products whose life cycles remain short, the demands for Fender’s telecaster actually lives on even until today. Indeed, this only proves how promising this instrument is.

As mentioned previously, there are so many guitar players who has stuck with Telecasters through the years. To level up their guitar playing, Telecaster users also make sure they use the right accessories that would help enhance the quality of the sound. Needless to say, finding the top telecaster amp is, therefore, very important if you want to bring in an “A” game.


In the evolution of electric blues and rock and roll music, the Telecaster played a very important role in allowing the guitarist to maximize his performance on stage or at the studio. Fender’s telecaster allowed guitar players to enjoy a longer length of their desired sustain. In addition, its solid-body ensured that there was only minimal feedback compared to instruments that were hollow-bodied. As time passed by, several modifications and enhancements were made for the newer Telecaster models and still, Fender’s telecaster remains at the top of the guitar industry.

Wireless Data Loggers: What’s So Good About Them?


function of data logger

Data loggers, in general, are devices used to record data in relation to a particular location or over time.  Data loggers may measure current, voltage, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, water level, wind direction, wind speed, signals and many other data.

There are different types of data loggers and these are the following:

  • Mechanical data loggers

This type of data logger is considered freestanding. Basically, this is the most traditional type; it does not require the use of a computer.

  • Electronic data loggers

This type, on the other hand, requires a computer. The use of computers will allow users to transfer information and manipulate how the the information is displayed for further analysis. Electronic data loggers are more flexible as they have more user capabilities and features.

  • Wireless data loggers

Considered as the most advanced type of data logger, wireless data loggers are almost like a combination of both mechanical and electronic data loggers. Because of its wireless technology, these data loggers can easily be connected to a much larger network.

uses of wireless dataloggers

In addition, wireless data loggers can also be monitored from different locations. In spite of the wirelessness, wireless data loggers offer more user capabilities, programs and functions than both mechanical and electronic data loggers.

In general, data loggers are quite small and battery-powered with internal microprocessors and sensors. They can easily be carried around to deploy in certain locations. Before, data loggers were mostly wired; however, wireless data loggers have also emerged in the market and has gained much popularity today.

When are Wireless Data Loggers Useful?

For data logging conditions wherein cables and wires are not practical, applicable, or convenient or when there are many distributed measurement points, wireless data loggers can easily accomplish the job.

Aside from what was previously mentioned, wireless data loggers may also be useful when the data that is to be recorded is transmitted from a vehicle that is moving or when the motion of an object that contains the points of measurement disables the use of sensors that are wired.

When the data that is to be collected is coming from an area that is not easily accessible or when the data that is to be collected is coming from an area cannot regularly connect to the internet, wireless data loggers are also the best options.

How are Wireless Data Loggers Used in Real Life?

Oftentimes, weather stations make use of wireless data loggers in order to collect information about the conditions of offshore data like sea water level. Wireless data loggers are also used to determine gas pressure records, systems of tank level, treatment plans for waste and for nuclear power stations. And in the industry of automobiles, wireless data loggers are used to check the performance and determine the causes of failure.

The Bottom Line

High quality wireless data loggers, such as those by Daqifi, are not just extremely useful, they are also cost-saving devices. Understandably, wireless technology, in general, reduces costs as this technology gets rid of wires and cables and it also lowers installation time of the users.

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